If not properly treated, soft, fibrous carpets collect dirt, absorb stains, and look dingy, dirty, and sad within days. Here at D-Max Carpet Care, we offer top quality Houston carpet cleaning services that will rejuvenate your carpets, and professional treatments that will keep your carpets looking cleaner, fresher, and brighter longer.



Why Should I Have my Carpet Treated?

If you are tired of blotting at spills and scrubbing away at old stains, or if it seems that your vacuum just can’t lift the dirt out of your carpeting, it is time for you to consider a 

professional solution. D-Max Carpet Care’s expertly-applied carpet treatments will help keep carpet cleaner longer by:

• Repelling Oil-Based and Water-Based Stains
• Repelling Dirt and Debris  
• Preventing Liquids From Absorbing Into the Carpet and Sub-floor
•  Easing Spill Clean-Up
• Improving the Effectiveness of Regular Vacuuming
• Improving the Effectiveness of Professional Cleanings

How Does It Work?


Our carpet treatment is composed of two protective components that protect the fibers of the carpet and the floor underneath. The first part is an acid dye blocker, which is essentially a clear dye. 


This substance occupies the extra dye sites in a fiber, filling in the spaces that might absorb unwanted coloring agents, like those found in soda or wine. The other part of the treatment, commonly known 

as Scotchgard™, is a fluorochemical surfactant that is designed to force liquids to bead on the surface of the carpet instead of soaking down to the floor.
The best time to apply   is after a professional Houston carpet cleaning  is done, so contact our customer service specialists today at 281-444-3629 , or request an ONLINE ESTIMATES and let D-Max Carpet Care’s IICRC-certified team of professionals take care of all of your Houston carpets cleaning needs


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