To achieve the best results from pre-inspection to full cleaning, D-Max Carpet Care provide the best of professional upholstery cleaning available.

  1. Pre-inspection: We inspect the furniture and identify the fiber type.
  2. Color Fastness Test: We test the fabric to determine colorfastness. This crucial step helps to determine the safest cleaning procedure.
  3. Pre-Condition Fabric: We apply pre-spray to loosen the soil which will help maximize the effectiveness of the extraction step.
  4. Soil Extraction: With our special upholstery tool connected to our truck-mount the suspended soil is then extracted from the fabric. The fabric is thoroughly rinsed leaving it clean and fresh. The fabric is continuously inspected to ensure the best quality workmanship.
  5. Professional Spotting*: Spots that do not respond to the pre-conditioner and extraction steps are then treated with the appropriate spotting solutions.
  6. Fine Fabric Protector*: We apply the protector to helps the fabric resist spots, spills, and stains. This also helps a properly maintained fabric last longer.
  7. Final Inspection: Once the cleaning is complete then we conduct a final inspection. to achieve the best results possible.
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