Houston Upholstery Cleaning1PET ODOR & STAIN TREATMENT

Your carpet is an expensive investment and often the first impression one gets of your home. People should not know that you have pets in the home because of unsightly carpet odors and stains. Additionally, clean carpets will help promote good health. A dirty carpet with pet stains can harbor bad germs and bad odors. Your carpets can be a bed for mites and bacteria. These germs could cause the members of the family to get ill. It is a must that the carpet you walk on and that your children play on is 100% clean and sanitized. Allow Houston carpet repair professionals at D-Max Carpet Care to help you keep your important floor coverings clean and free from offensive pet odors and stainsDog-Peeing-on-Couch

At D-Max Carpet Care, our skilled professionals, will evaluate your needs and then clean, remove stains, deodorize, protect, and have your carpets looking brand new and odor free before you know it. Pet urine can fill a home with the smell of unpleasant ammonia. Let our professionals work on your carpets and remove these stains and offensive smells of ammonia, so the pet does not return to the same spot and soil it again and again. The longer the smell is on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it. Let Houston pet stain and odor removal specialist improve your home’s appearance and make it healthier for the family.

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