Like most stains, it is best to try to gum-carpet330x220remove the gums from a carpet as soon as possible, more than gum stays on carpet it may be harder to remove.
1. Place a few handfuls of ice in a any plastic bag.
2. Place the bag of ice directly onto the gum stain. This process will harden the gum so it will be easier to remove it from carpet.
3. Use a dull knife or disposable utensil knife to fully scrape the gum from the carpet.
After gum is removed:
4. Spray the gum stain directly with all purpose cleaner such as 409.
5. Cover the gum stain with a clean white towel or rag to soak up any remaining liquid and continue patting dry.

1. As soon as you discover the gum, get your hairdryer set it to HOT and aim it directly onto the gum.
2. Watch the gum carefully, as you don’t want to melt the carpet fibers.
3. Once you notice that the gum is beginning to melt, use a plastic bag to scrape up the melted gum. (Upon contact, the gum should stick to the plastic to help you remove it.)
4. If you need to, you can also use dull knife or disposable utensil knife to remove the rest
5. Continue until stain disappears.


Another approach to answering the question of how to get gum out of carpet is our old WD-40. Get WD-40, a fingernail brush and spray detergent or a degreaser. Follow the steps below.
1. Spray a generous amount of WD40 directly onto the gum stain.
2. After applying the WD40, let the stain sit for a few minutes.
3. Use a dull knife or disposable utensil knife to remove the stain, scrubbing the gum stain in the same direction
4. Keep applying WD40, followed by a vigorous scrub with the dull knife.
5. Repeat as necessary.
6. To clean the area, spray the detergent/degreaser directly onto the affected area.
7. Rinse a clean sponge with warm water and apply the sponge to the carpet.
8. Gently clean the area until stain disappears.

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