Carpet repair Houston is a service you’re likely to need at some point in your life. You may think that cigarette burn or scorch mark from an untended fire in the fireplace is just part of your carpet now that they've happened, but they don’t have to be. D-Max Carpet Care specializes in carpet cleaning and repair in Houston, and we can help your carpet look great again. Whether you've got kids who have smeared Silly Putty into the carpeting in the living room or an overzealous kitten who has shredded the carpet by the stairs, our Carpet Re-stretching professionals can save your carpets and help keep them looking good for many years. Just because part of your carpet has been damaged, it doesn’t automatically mean that it has to be replaced. Allow our professionals to repair your carpet professionally and quickly and keep your home looking beautiful, regardless of what might befall your carpeting.

From re-stretching to removing set-in stains and repairing rips, tears, and burns, Houston carpet repair professionals at D-Max Carpet Care, are highly trained and very experienced. Your job will be completed quickly and with as little disruption to your routine as possible.
Your carpet likely represents a large investment in the comfort and appeal of your home and having tears, stains or burn marks can affect the enjoyment of your home. Let D-Max Carpet Care take care of repairing your carpet to restore the beauty of your home. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best service and IICRC certified technicians. D-Max C.C. is a local, family-owned business and you can rely on our solid reputation for excellent service and customer interactions; we’ve worked hard to gain our reputation for reliability and honesty and will work just as hard for you, no matter how big or small your carpet repair needs. Contact us at 281-444-3629 or by Email for your free estimate today.

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