Grout is one of the most porous materials in any home and is usually located in areas that are especially prone to staining, water damage, and bacteria growth. Professional grout sealing services from
D-Max Carpet Care provides:

       1.Long-Term Moisture Protection
      2. Stain-Resistant Technology
      3. Color or Clear Options

New Home Sealing Services

The best time to seal your new tile and grout is 72 hours after the tile has been installed, once the grout is fully cured, or right before you move into a new home. The difference between sealed and unsealed grout can be apparent almost immediately, and after a year of regular traffic, even the most untrained eye will be able to see the difference D-Max CarpetCare’s grout sealant services can make.

Tile Recovery Services

If your tile and grout weren’t sealed immediately, or if your sealant has failed and left your surfaces susceptible to staining and grime, our Houston tile and grout cleaning team at D-Max Carpet Care will set back the clock and restore your surfaces to like-new condition. With our professional sealing

For all of your tile cleaning Houston needs, call our experts at  281-444-3629  or request ONLINE ESTIMATES to set up an appointment with a sales representative. We offer free in-home demonstrations* of our tile and grout cleaning services, which will allow you to see first-hand how good your tile and grout can really look.

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