Upholstery manufacturers and furniture retailers usually apply protective treatments to their products to ensure that they last longer and look better. Over time, however, daily wear and environmental factors can degrade this coating, and it can become less effective or fail completely over time.D-Max Carpet Care’s Houston upholstery cleaning team can rejuvenate your furniture and help you keep it looking great by applying our specialized upholstery treatment. This treatment protects your furniture by:

  • Repelling Oil-Based and Water-Based Stains
  • Repelling Dirt and Debris
  • Preventing Liquids From Absorbing Into the Carpet and Subfloor
  • Easing Spill Clean-Up
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Regular Vacuuming
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Professional Cleanings

How Does It Work?

Our upholstery treatment is composed of two protective components that protect both the fibers of the upholstery and the underlying furniture. The first part is an acid dye blocker, which is essentially a clear dye. This substance occupies the extra dye sites in a fiber, filling in the spaces that might absorb

The best time to apply upholstery treatment is after a professional cleaning, so contact our upholstery cleaning Houston customer service specialists today at 281-444-3629 or email and let D-Max Carpet Care’s IICRC-certified team of professionals take care of all of your upholstery needs.

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